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Dispo Community Guidelines

Version 1.1: January 4, 2021

“It's a world of laughter, a world of tears,

It's a world of hopes, and a world of fears,

There's so much that we share, that it's time we're aware,

It's a small world after all”

—Disney’s “It’s a Small World”

What’s the Dispo Community?! It’s a place where you can live in the moment to create memories and be yourself. Yeah, yeah, yeah, maybe it’s a little bit corny, but we want Dispo to be like that it’s a small world ride at Disneyland! That starts with a community that has an overwhelming feeling of promoting all that is good in the world. And so we’ve got to have norms that uphold these goals. Vulnerability, honesty, and authenticity have a place on Dispo. Violating privacy, spamming, and otherwise breaking trust- yeah, those do not. We are all old enough to have seen where social media falls short, and we want a community that genuinely uplifts all our lives.

Who is responsible for upholding these values? Nobody is perfect, but we all should. Yes, that means you. You “friend” someone for a reason. It’s because you are offering a digital olive branch to include them in your life and community. Take a walk in someone else’s shoes. Empathy is one of the world’s great superpowers! The overarching theme of these guidelines is: would this behavior exist in the world we all want to create? If not, it doesn’t belong on Dispo. Please report it. Say something. Our community team also has the right to limit what you post through blocking or deleting content, suspending or banning accounts. Just like in a family or society at large, we will use our best judgment to be consistent and fair. Hold us to it. Email [email protected].

And so with that, here are some guidelines to live by: